Receive a letter is a gift . Receive a letter is a gift .

Better by Letter is a project born from the excitement

From the excitement of remembering that magical moment when you receive a letter. Call us romantic, but you won’t deny that getting a letter from someone you care about causes tingling in the stomach and makes your day

We believe
in the magic
of letters

We’ve come to bring that magic back to you.
We want that opening the post box becomes, again, a moment for surprise and excitement that brings a smile to those you love the most

We believe
in the authentic

Writing a letter connects you in a special way with the person who will be reading it.
Your message becomes authentic, unique and everlasting. Your letter becomes a gift

We believe in writing with attention to detail

We want to wage a battle against laziness and the fear of a blank page.
We’re here to help you out to write beautifully. In order to achieve this, we put ourselves in the hands of Art, Illustration and Design